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Imran Ali Author at iMobAppDev.comMy name is Imran Ali and I am a freelance blogger, designer and coder. I am earning my living as a freelancer for the last 7+ years. I love to make websites and monetize them using Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate Program. I have also written and published few books on Amazon Kindle.

My main topics of interest are SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Making Money Online. I also have a team of good content writers who can produce good content for you at affordable rates.

My Books on Amazon Kindle:

I have written few books on Amazon Kindle to help beginners to make money online:

Book#1 – Step By Step Guide to Make Money From Amazon Affiliate Program:

I have written this book for beginners who want to choose an easy way to make money online. In this book I have described how can you make small Amazon Affiliate websites to earn $5-$10/website per day. If you are successful in making 5 small websites each earning $10/day then you can make $50/day or $1500/month.

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Book#2 – Step By Step Guide to Make Money By Publishing Books on Amazon Kindle:

Again this book is for beginner with step by step instructions to earn passive income by writing and publishing small books on Amazon Kindle platform. If you are working in a right way then you can easily create books that can earn you $10/day. When you have learned this method, you only need to replicate, publish new books and earn more revenue every month from Amazon Kindle books.

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