Black Friday Deals on Website Hosting – Upto 75%

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To make money online you must have a website on a reliable and stable hosting server to avoid down times and get good speed. Currently I am hosting all of my websites on Hostgator’s shared servers. The good thing about them is that they are reliable, inexpensive, stable, pretty fast and secure. And there are no SEO issues like I had on godaddy hosting.

I am writing this post because Hostgator is starting the Black Friday Sale on all of their hosting packages. If you still don’t have a website hosting service or want to purchase another, then this is the perfect time to buy. This is the time for biggest savings of year. I myself have more than one hosting packages with hostgator.

What is Hostgator’s Black Friday Sale?

Hostgator has started their Annual Black Friday Sale. They are offering upto 75% discount on their hosting packages. It means that now you can start your website for only $1.24 per month. I recommend you to buy your hosting plan for at least 1 complete year to take full advantage of this deal. I my self bought a new hosting package from them last year for full 3 years by taking advantage of 75% discount.

Hostgator Black Friday 75% Sale Image

When Will Hostgator Black Friday Sale Start?

The sale will start on 28 November at 12 AM CST (10 PM PST) with 75% first Sale. This first starting Fire Sale with 75% Discount will continue for 1 hour. After the end of this one hour fire sale, at 1 AM CST, the discount will go to 55% for all hosting packages. After that first one hour, 75% fire sales will be offered 9 more times (in 9 different hours) throughout the weekend.

Here are the details of these 75% Fire Sale hours:

On Black Friday(28 November) ==> 4 slots of one hour each offering 75% Fire Sale

On Saturday (29 November) ==> 1 slot of one hour offering 75% Fire Sale

On Sunday (30 November) ==> 1 slot of one hour offering 75% Fire Sale

On Cyber Monday (01 December, 2014) ==> 4 slots of one hour each offering 75% Fire Sale

Before and after these one hour sales, the 55% discount will be available till the end of 01 December.

Hostgator’s 75% Discount on Web Hosting Packages on Cyber Monday 2014:

As mentioned above, on Cyber Monday 75% Fire sale will be offered on 4 different hours. Before and after those 1 hour slots the usual sale of 55% will be given on all hosting packages. The Cyber Monday Hosting Sale will be finished on 01 December at 11:59 PM CST.

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