Do Customers Reviews Affect Kindle Book Sales Rank?

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Many Kindle book publishers believe that there is a direct relationship between number of customer reviews and sales rank of kindle books. In the start I also had a believe in this ‘myth’, because I had no data to test it. But now, I have published many kindle books and can draw conclusions based on the data I have.

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My Analysis And Conclusion About Effects of Customers Reviews on Kindle Book’s Rank

I always keep an eye on the sales rank of my kindle books and reviews they are getting. I have got following results after looking at all that data I collected.

1) There is absolutely no ‘direct’ relationship between number of positive or negative customer reviews on your kindle book’s sales rank.

Suppose you have 2 kindle books and each got 10 sales in someday. Let’s say Book-1 got 5 reviews, with all 5-stars ratings. Book-2 also got 5 reviews but with all 1-star ratings. Guess what? Both kindle books will have nearly same sales rank.

2) Positive customer reviews don’t increase sales rank of book directly. But Positive customer reviews really do help in getting more sales. A book with more positive reviews may get more sales that will increase its sales rank too.

3) Negative customer reviews don’t decrease sales rank directly. But due to negative reviews, new customers will be hesitant to buy such book and number of sales may decrease. This will ultimately decrease the sales rank of kindle book.

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One thought on “Do Customers Reviews Affect Kindle Book Sales Rank?

  1. Hi,

    I think that if a book has all 5 stars reviews only, then people might not believe in the reviews. And if a book has mostly good reviews but more than usual no-star reviews, then those bad reviews might not be believed either, because they might be written by the competition that are trying to discredit the book or by an angry reader which will write several bad reviews.
    Maybe the best is somewhere in between with more good reviews and progressively less bad ones.

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