Do Websites Testing and Earn Money Online

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There are many websites that pay to their members for testing other people’s websites and mobile applications. This is an easy way to earn some bucks every day and does not require any technical skills. Finding bugs or errors is very easy. You can also suggest how to make website easier to navigate or access.

test websites and applications to make money


For some websites you may need extra equipment like webcam and a microphone.


Here are my recommended testing websites that you should join:


They pay $10 USD to review one website. Payment is sent on your Paypal account.


This is a software testing company. You are paid when you find a bug or error. Payment varies on task. For small bugs identification you can get $2 or less. For big issues identification you can earn $15-$20 or more. You may be asked to test websites or mobile applications.


This company keeps an eye on your computer screen by using screencast software. You are given step-by-step instructions to navigate on given website. You are asked to record your voice on each step describing your experience about website. After you have finished the testing, you are given some questions to answer about website. They pay money through Paypal. They pay $10 per website. You can only get few tests per week.






Earning Potential:

Earning potential is good. Usually you can earn $5-$10 for each website tested. The time required to test each website is usually 10-30 minutes. It is recommended to join all of these mentioned websites to increase your earning potential. All companies pay through Paypal. By reviewing only 3 websites everyday you can earn around $20-$30/day easily.

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