Google Image Search Page Does Not Show Images

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Today i got an issue while i was trying to browse google images search results. The issue was that when i search something on Google Images it gives me only placeholders instead of images. When i hover over an image, the image name and location was correctly showing. Also when i tried to open that image in a new tab it was opening correctly. Also when i tried opening firefox in Private Browsing Mode, it was showing images correctly.

Google Image Search Result Not Showing Images
Why Google Search Result Not Showing Images?

This issue was on firefox.

After doing some research i took following steps to resolve this issue:

Step 1: – I removed all cookies and cache from firefox

Result: After this I tried again. This time the google search result page was showing images on first page only and on all other pages same empty placeholders were showing.

Step 2: I typed to that gave me screen. Now i started searching from here.

Result: Now all images on all pages of Google image search result were showing correctly. But after another search I again faced the same issue.

Step 3: Now I opened Terminal in my Mac and created a new profile for my firefox. After that i copied all data from old profile to new profile so that my bookmarks etc are not lost.

Result: Now the situation is that when i use the google search bar located after the address bar of firefox, the images are shown only on page 1 and no images on other pages. But when i type in and do some search then i can see all images on all pages of image search results.

From this i suspect that in new firefox the default google search bar has some issues. I hope that this will be resolved in next version or update of firefox.

I also suspect that the issue was also with some cookies or cache in my firefox. For the last few days i was using a Proxy service to browse some pages online by hiding my IP address. I think that due to the sessions and cookies of that website i was getting this issue.

So if you use any online proxy service to hide your IP then delete all sessions and cookies after using that website.


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