How Much Website Traffic Do You Need to Make $1000/Mo From Google Adsense

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One of the common questions asked by new Adsense Publishers is “How Much Traffic They Need on Their Website to Make $1000/month From Google Adsense?“. The answer of this question is not straight forward and no one can give an exact traffic value required to make $1000/mo from Adsense. I have used adsense on many websites and learned that there are many factors that may affect your Google Adsense earnings. I had some website that were earning $100/day, while some others were earning lower amount of money with the same volume of traffic.

How Much Traffic Do You Need to Make $1000/Month From Google Adsense
On Average 100 visits give you $3-$5 from Google Adsense.

Key Factors Affecting Google Adsense Earnings:

The most important factors that affect Adsense earnings on your website are:

  1. Source/Quality of Website Traffic
  2. CPC (Cost Per Click)
  3. CTR (Click Through Rate)

Let’s discuss these key factors in detail:

1- Quality of Website Traffic Determines the Amount of Money Earned from Google Adsense:

If you look into Analytics traffic reports, you will see following main types of traffic sources:

  • Organic Traffic
  • Social Traffic
  • Direct Traffic
  • Referral Traffic
  • Traffic From Email List
  • Paid Traffic

Organic Traffic is from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. These are the visitors who type their search term in different search engines and land on your website. Checkout how to rank higher on Google without backlinks.

Social Traffic is from social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit etc. You will be getting traffic from these websites if you or your visitors are sharing your content on these websites. You can increase social traffic by creating pages and accounts on these platforms and adding regular content.

Referral Traffic is traffic from other websites where your website links are present. For example you may have some links on Yahoo Answers or you may have posted some guest posts on other websites with your back link.

Direct Traffic are the people who have bookmarked your website or remember your website URL and they just type your website address in browser to visit your website.

Email List: If you have built an email list for your website, then you may get visits when you send an email to your subscribers.

Paid Traffic is from Advertising networks if you are advertising your website on them. Examples of popular advertising networks are Facebook Adverts, Google Adwords etc.

Visitors from all above mentioned sources can click on Google Adsense to give you earnings. But according my experience and reading other bloggers reports the Organic traffic is most important for your Google Adsense earnings. There is a higher tendency of clicking on Google Ads by people who are landing on your website from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.

After organic traffic, the social and paid traffic is important. Visitors from other sources like email list and direct links rarely convert. The main reason is that these are returning visitors who are looking for fresh content on your website and they don’t want to click on Ads.

Conclusion: As a conclusion we can say that if your main source of website traffic is Organic and Social traffic then you can expect good money from Google Adsense, because the CTR will be higher. On other hand, if most of your website traffic is from direct visits or email lists then you may earn very little money from  Google Adsense.

2- Cost Per Ad Click (CPC) Determines Google Adsense Earning:

After traffic, the other important factor is how much are you getting when an Ad is clicked. This is called Cost Per Click. Suppose in one day, Google Ads were clicked for 100 times and you earned $100. It means that your CPC was $1. If your average CPC becomes $2 then you will be earning two times more revenue from the same amount of traffic. On the other hand if CPC becomes $0.5 then you will be earning half revenue from the same amount of traffic.

Google places Ads with highest prices on those website that generate most revenue for their Advertisers. Suppose on Website A 100 people clicked on Google Ads and landed on a website selling a product. If 10 people actually bought the product then Website A has 10% conversion rate. Now suppose Website B also sent 100 visitors to same website through Google Ads and only 1 person bought the product. In this case the conversion rate of Website B was 1%. Now Google will place high priced Ads on Website A and CPC will be higher.

The CPC depends on many factors including quality of website content and website traffic. If your website has unique, high quality and helping content then you can expect good CPC. Also if most of your website traffic is from search engines and social networks then you can expect greater CPC.

CPC Also Depends on Niche/Topic of Website:

CPC also depends on topic/niche of your website. For example CPC of websites about mortgage, loans and personal finance niches is always the highest. You can expect $5-$50 per click in these niches. But it is really difficult to rank your website for these niches.

CPC and Keywords Competition:

You can use Google Keywords Planner to find the keywords, their competition and amount that advertisers are paying for those keywords. For example for keyword “Payday Loans” the suggested bid amount is $13.17. It means if one of your website pages is getting traffic for this keyword then you will be getting $8.9 for single click. Google Adsense pays 68% of bid amount to publishers. In this case you only need 111 clicks to earn $1000 from Google Adsense in one month.

Now consider another keyword “make money from amazon“. Average bid for this keyword is $1.5. It means if any of your website page is getting traffic for this keyword then you will be earning $1 per click. In this case you need 1000 clicks to earn $1000/mo from Adsense.

Let’s take another example of keyword “organic home garden“. The average bid for this keyword is only $.1. It means for this keyword you will be earning $0.068/click.  In this example you need 14705 clicks in one month to make $1000 from Google Adsense.

Conclusion: If you are planning to use Adsense on your website, then you must use Google Keywords Planner to find the niche and keywords that have a good CPC and can be ranked easily.

3- Click Through Rate (CTR) is Also Important for Good Adsense Earnings:

Suppose your website is getting good amount of organic traffic and your website niche and keywords are also good in terms of CPC. But if no body OR very few people are clicking on Google Ads on your website, then you will be earning nothing or very low amount of money.

There are many factors that may affect CTR for Google Ads like:

Placement of Ad:

Usually Google Ads above fold convert the best. Placing at least one Google Ad at the beginning of your page will give high CTR. You should also read my article about Placing Google Ad Below Post Title. You should also place ad in the middle of content and one after the end of content for higher CTR.

Number of Google Ads on a Page:

Google allows you to place 3 Ads and 3 link units on a single page. To increase CTR you should place multiple Ads at suitable places to increase CTR.

Test Different Colors/Styles of Ads:

You should test different fonts, sizes and types of ads on your website to find which ads work better. After running multiple tests, stick to one that performs best and gives highest CTR.

Mobile Friendly Google Ads:

Your website must be responsive and also your Google Ads. You should select Ad sizes that are suitable for Mobile devices. For example 250×250 and 320×250 Ads works good on mobile devices and give higher CTR.

What is the Average CTR For Most of the Website Publishers:

It is difficult to give answer to this question with some specific value. But if you are using 3 Google Ads per page with correct sizes, colors and locations then you should expect something about 5-10% conversion.

Conclusion: To get maximum CTR and earn more from Google Adsense you should use maximum number of Google Ads with correct sizes, colors, locations and formats.

What is A Good/Average Traffic Vs Adsense Earning Ratio?

I have used Adsense on many websites. Some of these websites are my own while others are of my clients. In most of the cases I have seen that if a website is getting 100 targeted visitors, then average income is about $3-$5. For some websites, 100 visitors give $5-$10.

For me if my website is earning $3-$5 from 100 organic+social visits then I am happy with that. Let’s do some Maths to see how much can you earn with these assumptions:

$3/month Adsense Earning = 100 Visits from Search Engines+Social Media (FB/Twitter)

$100/month Adsense Earning = 3333 Visits from Search Engines+Social Media (FB/Twitter)

$1000/month Adsense Earning = 33,330 Visits from Search Engines+Social Media (FB/Twitter)

It means:

You need about 1100 visits per day on your website to earn $1000/Month from Google Adsense.

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