How to Earn Money By Publishing Amazon Kindle E-books?

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One of the most easiest and effective ways to earn money online is to publish and sell your e-books for Amazon Kindle. This is a great platform to make passive income online, especially for whose who love OR have skill to write well. But, it does not mean that you can only take advantage of this program if you are a writer. According to my observations, many internet marketers are earning more money than professional e-book writers. They simply outsource their writing work to others, publish bulk of kindle e-books and earn way more money, every month, than regular writers.

make money online by writing kindle ebooks imageYou can create your free Kindle Publisher account by visiting:

I Don’t Live in USA – Can i Still Participate in Amazon Kindle Program?

Absolutely. No matter in which country do you live, you can become Kindle publisher and get your monthly checks at your home address.

Do I Need to Make Separate Kindle Publisher Accounts for USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Other Countries?

No. You just need to make one Kindle Publisher account at You will be automatically enrolled as kindle publisher in all Amazon countries. You will be allowed to publish and sell your e-books in all territories and countries from that one single USA kindle publisher account.

How Much Profit Can I Earn From One Kindle E-Book Sale?

If you have set your e-book sale price between $0.99 – $2.98 then you will earn 35% of this and 65% will be kept by Amazon. If you have set your kindle E-Book price between $2.99 – $9.99 then your profit will be 70% and Amazon will keep 30%.

Majority of e-books on Amazon kindle are priced $0.99, $1.99 or $2.99. Let’s see exact profits for these prices:

Your Kindle E-book Priced at $0.99 gives you $0.35 profit/sale

Your Kindle E-book Priced at $1.99 gives you $0.70 profit/sale

Your Kindle E-book Priced at $2.99 gives you $2.10 profit/sale

How Much Can I Earn By Publishing Kindle E-Books Every Month?

Well, this really depends on how many kindle e-books you have published and how good your books are selling on Amazon. Let’s do some Maths to get an idea of your per month revenue in different conditions:

1) Suppose you have 1 e-book published. You have set your selling price as $2.99. Suppose you are selling 1 copy of your e-book every day = $2.10 profit/day

In this condition your per month revenue from kindle e-books will be = $63/month

2) If you have 10 kindle e-books each selling 1 copy per day = $630 profit/month

3) If you have 20 kindle e-books each selling 1 copy per day = $1260 profit/month

4) Many successful marketers have around 100 or more e-books. In this condition:

If you have 100 kindle e-books each selling 1 copy per day = $6300 profit/month

If you have 100 kindle e-books each selling 2 copies per day = $12,600 profit/month

What is the Best Tip to Earn Handsome Amount From Amazon Kindle Every Month?

You have learned in above lines that you can earn great money even if you can only sell 1 copy per day for each of your kindle e book. If any of your e-books becomes famous and sells good number of copies per day, then your average monthly profits can boost like a rocket.

In fact, not all of your e-books will be successful. Some will be selling only few copies per month, some e-books will be dead with zero sales and some others will be selling very well.

The key to success for this business model is to:

  1. Publish maximum possible number of Kindle e-books. I suggest you to invest some money, outsource writing and cover design work and publish 50-100 good quality kindle e-books.
  2. Write your e-books in different categories under different pen-names and see what converts best for you. The good categories to start from are Health and Children’s e-books.

Need More Information and Step By Step Guide to Make Money By Publishing Kindle E-Books?

My book about making money by writing kindle booksThis is my e-book about kindle publishing business. This book covers all steps and information that you need to publish your kindle books and earn most from them. By reading this small guide, you will be able to select right topic for your kindle e-books, write them properly, format them, upload on Amazon store and market them to gain maximum profits. Download this e-book if you need to know how to become successful as Kindle E-Books Publisher.

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