How to Make Money from Clickbank Step by Step

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Get Ready To Make Money From Clickbank

If you are a beginner and want to know how to start earning online, then you are at the right place. I have decided to create a series of posts to help newbies to make money online as a Clickbank affiliate. These posts will be really step by step and very easy to follow. I have included all the necessary tools, resources and information that you need to start your online career. Please note that I am personally using this system to make money online.

What Will You Learn from This Clickbank Training?

In this series of posts, you will learn how to make money online as an affiliate from,  using your own website. Affiliate marketing is a process in which you promote products of other people and receive sales commissions when sales are made through your affiliate links. Clickbank is the largest marketplace for digital products like e-books, software etc. There are thousands of digital products available on Clickbank in almost every category including health, relationships, Internet marketing etc.

how to make money from in 6 steps
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Complete Process of Making Affiliate Commissions From Clickbank

We can divide the complete process, of earning money from as an affiliate, into following steps:

Step-1: Pick a Topic or Niche

As a first step you need to select a main topic/niche that has a good demand. It is always better, but not necessary, to choose a topic you are interested in OR have some knowledge about. Examples of some main niches are weight loss, relationships, online marketing etc.

Step-2: Find Good Affiliate Products to Promote From

Once you have selected a main topic or niche, you need to select some related products from to promote on your own website. It is better to choose at least 5-6 good affiliate products. There are some important things that you need to consider before selecting any product to promote. I shall explain this in detail in next chapters.

Step-3: Build A Website

This is a very easy step that any one can do by using free WordPress CMS. You need a domain name and website hosting to create a website. I shall explain this process in detail in next posts.

Best Program to Make Money from Clickbank

Step-4: Add Relevant and Quality Content to Your Website

Once your website is live, you need to publish some high quality and relevant content. Your published content should be useful for the people who are interested in your website topic. Within your content, you should place affiliate links to Clickbank products to help and encourage visitors to buy those products. Whenever a person buys using your affiliate links you will get instant commission from

Step-5: Promote Your Website Using SEO and other Methods

Once you have added some content with affiliate links on your website, it’s time to promote your website to attract more and more visitors. The referral commissions that you can earn from Clickbank directly depends on number of interested people visiting your website. There are many paid and free ways to promote your website. I shall discuss in detail about this in next posts.

What Do You Need to Earn Money From Clickbank As an Affiliate?

You will require following tools and resources to earn money from ClickBank:

1) A Website (includes domain name+hosting) – Recommended Service: Host Gator

2) A Website Template or WordPress Theme – Recommended Service: ThemeForest. You can also use any free WP theme too.

3) A keywords Research Tool – Recommended Service: Semrush Keywords Tool (Join for Free)

4) An Auto-responder to build an email list and send emails to your subscribers – GetResponse (First Month Free)

How Much Time Do You Require to Start Your Online Clickbank Affiliate Business?

I will write about 5-6 long posts discussing each step of making money from Clickbank. If you read and follow all these lessons and act instantly, you will be able to establish your website within 6 days. You may need some more days to add more useful content into your website and start seeing results. You will also need more time to promote your website.

How Much Can You Earn From This Method?

Many people are earning their full time income from Clickbank by selling other’s products as affiliates. The good thing about Clickbank affiliate program is that you can earn up to 75% or even more by selling affiliate products. The amount of money that you can earn depends on your efforts levels. Suppose you are promoting a product of price $50 and your affiliate commission rate is 50%. It means that you will earn $25 from every sale made by people you refer. If you can only make 4 sales per day then you can earn $100 pure profit every day. Please note that not all of your website visitors will be buying your recommended products. If you are promoting products in a right way on your website and using your email list then you can expect around 5% or more conversion rate. It means that you can expect 5 sales if you can get 100 visitors on your website. Your exact conversion rate may become lower or higher depending upon your website quality and affiliate products you are promoting.

What Will You Learn in Next Lesson?

You will learn how to find and pick main topic/niche for your first Clickbank Affiliate Website. You will also learn how to choose profitable affiliate products from Clickbank’s marketplace to promote on your website.

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