If You Are Using Godaddy Hosting Service – Read This

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If you are using Godaddy hosting service then you must read this article.

I started my online business about 5-6 years ago. In the start I purchased my domain names from Godaddy and also got my shared hosting account from them. Everything was working fine when my website’s traffic was not so good.

Now I am Using Hostgator's Hosting For All of my Websites as They Are Reliable and Fast.

With the passage of time, I learned many things and my websites traffic started increasing. I was happy to see that my couple of sites were earning about $100 per day with a good amount of traffic. When the Christmas season started my daily earning was more than $400 per day.

Everything was fine when one day i saw that i was not getting any traffic from Google. Only few hundred people from Yahoo and Bing. I checked my sites on Google and found that my websites were De-indexed. I was shocked because I had lost about 90% of my earnings. I was now getting about $50 per day, instead of $400 per day.

I was not able to figure about why this happened and started finding the reasons so that i may correct them ASAP. My websites were opening correctly and very fast on all browsers in all countries. So, I was not able to understand why Google have DE-indexed my websites.

Now it is a long story how i spend countless hours and many days to find out what was really happened. But what I learned is explained below, shortly:

When my website traffic started increasing, the Godaddy hosting server applied some sort of blocking script of firewall that started blocking Google Bots. Because i was updating my websites everyday the Google bots were visiting my websites after every few hours. To decrease the load on their servers Godaddy blocked these Google Bots. Now Google bots were coming after every few hours but were seeing no content for my site. This process was going on but i did not know anything. No alert from Google, no message from Godaddy. My sites were opening correctly in browsers, so I thought everything was just fine.

Actually Google bots were redirecting to some strange URLs on my website that actually did not exist and were returning 404 errors for legit website pages (for Google bots only).

But after many days of finding no content on my website, due to blocking by Godaddy, Google thought that my websites were permanently deleted and had no content. At that time my websites were de-indexed from Google search results and I lost my $400/day earning without any fault.

Godaddy hosting service is killer for your search rankings
Use Godaddy hosting service if you wan to kill your website ranking and destroy your online business!!!

When I contact Godaddy team they denied and said that there was no such issue from their side , blah blah…. But if you search online you will find countless similar stories about Godaddy hosting services.

So, you see how I worked hard for many years to earn legit money online and how Godaddy destroyed everything within few weeks with silence. After my websites were De-indexed, I tried everything to get them back in SERPs but i was not successful to get the same previous search results rankings.

So, it is my humble request to all those who want to make websites to earn money online, don’t ever use Godaddy hosting account.

P.S: The Godaddy’s domain names service is really good. I always buy domains from them.

New Update on this Post on 31 May, 2013:

Alternate and Reliable Hosting Account: Many people asked me what other web hosting service should they use instead of Godaddy. I recommend them using Host Gator hosting service. I am using their hosting for last many years and have not seen any serious issue with them. Plus their support is good and fast and they correct any issues ASAP.

Please note that i have included my affiliate id in above mentioned link to host gator. In fact this is my sincere recommendation for my readers who want a reliable hosting server. I am using Hostgator for hosting all of my websites and they are pretty good and fast.

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2 thoughts on “If You Are Using Godaddy Hosting Service – Read This

  1. I wish I had read this before purchasing my domain and hosting from them… Go Daddy sell their SEO wizard separately to your standard package and give you only a worthless amount of access to the back end of your site, and from what I surmise, they have incorporated some sort of coding which limits your visibility no matter how well you try to add meta tags and descriptions…
    It was super cheap, it was WOW kind of cheap, but as far as I’m concerned, it was a complete waste of my time and money…

  2. I use godaddy and I started my website in August of 2016 I was getting great hits for a site that was just starting out By October and November I was getting about 20 to 30 hits a day I even made a 112.00 sale one day. Then I made a big mistake on December 1st I decided to call godaddy’s SEO Experts just to get an idea of what it would cost after them looking my site over and told me they were very impressed how I was doing being how young this site was. They told me they charged something like 45 dollars an hr. to work on it I was excited but did not have any money to go for it but I said I would definitely use there service in the future. Well do you know what happen to my hits after that day. My hits dropped to less then 5 a day everyday still to this day 12/17/2016. I would like to know if this happened to anyone else.

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