Is it Allowed to Place Google Adsense Ad Below Post Title?

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Many Google Adsense Publishers want to know that is it allowed to place Google Ad unite below Post title or not? You may have noticed that many popular blogs have placed the Google Ad below Post title, while some other say that is illegal and not allowed by Google.

How to Ad Google Ad below Post title

Well, we cannot say that it is allowed or not allowed. It really depends on the condition. Google is only concerned when you do following two things:

i) Placing Google Ad above fold in a way that very little or no content is shown on website without scrolling.

ii) Placing Google Ad in a way that makes it difficult for reader to distinguish between Ad and site content.

You can be in trouble if you are doing above mentioned things no matter whether you placed Google Ad below or above post title. On the other hand if you are placing your Google Ad below post title and visitor can easily distinguish between Ad and content then it is allowed.

Suggestions When You Want to Place Google Ad After Post Title:

i) There should be reasonable distance or margin between your post title and Google Ad.

ii) The color of Ad should be different from Post title and post content for better differentiation.


It is allowed to place Google Ad below post title when visitors can easily distinguish between post title and Google Ad to avoid accidental clicks.

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