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At PostLoop you are paid to write posts and reply to the posts of other people. Please note that your posts should be interesting, related, useful and unique. You cannot just copy things from Internet and paste here. For every post you will earn few points. 100 points are equal to $5 USD. You can withdraw money to your Paypal account easily.

Visit Website:

how to earn money from forum posting on PostLoop

How to Start:

  • Visit and join for free.
  • After registration, subscribe to their portal. This is necessary to get your posts counted:
  • Now, you need to post 10 test/trial posts at Postloop Portal. You can reply to already existing posts or add your own new threads.
  • After you have posted 10 posts, your account will be reviewed and within 24 hours your account will be accepted or rejected.
  • If your account is approved, you will also get a rating from their website. This rating will determine your pay per post for all future posts.
  • Now visit your account and click on “Forums” link on top and register to all forums that you like.
  • Some forums have daily limits of allowed posts while others have not limit.
  • Your star rating will go up and down depending upon the quality of posts you are publishing. This will determine your rate per post.

Earning Potential:

You can expect $7-$15 per hour. Earning depends on your star rating. If your ratings are above 4, you will get good rewards for your posts. To get good ratings your English/grammar must be good and you should post high quality content. For each post you will earn some points. When your points will become 100, $5 will be deposited to your Paypal account.

You can increase your earning potential by referring other people to postloop. You will earn 20% of their earnings too. Suppose you have 100 affiliates and each earned $100/month. Then you will earn $2000/month just from your affiliates without doing anything.


tip and precaution while using PostLoop
Precaution While Using PostLoop


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