Join Transcribeme, Convert Audio Files into Text Files and Make Money Online

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Another easy way to make money online is converting audio files into text files. You need to listen the audio files carefully and write them without errors. You can earn good money from this method if your speed and quality of work is high. Most of the audio files are not very long and usually easy to understand. There are many websites, but I recommend you to start this work by joining following website:

Visit Website:

This website is free to join. Anyone from any country can join.

make money from home doing transcription work

How to Start:

  • Visit and join for free:
  • Fill your name, email, and country name to register.
  • After registration watch their introductory video to learn basics.
  • After watching video you need to submit test. You will listen a 15 seconds long audio file and type the words. You can rewind the audio file if you like.
  • After you submit your test, it will be reviewed automatically and if your accuracy is high, your account will be approved instantly.
  • If you fail the test, you can take it again for few times.
  • After you are registered, you are allowed to take transcription work.
  • Their audio files are usually very clear and short and it is not very difficult to understand and transcribe it. Most of their audio files are just few minutes long.
  • You need to write text in American English.

Earning Potential:

You are paid $20 for transcribing an audio file of 1-hour length. The exact time to do this task depends upon your skills. You can withdraw your money when you have just earned $1.

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