Make Money By Doing Simple Jobs at Amazon Mechanical Turk

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At Amazon Mechanical turk you can do simple and easy task and earn small amounts of money. For example you can earn $0.1 by explaining an image in 5 words. You may earn $3 for writing a product review. You may earn $0.1 for finding the total bill from images of invoices etc. You got the idea. Most of these tasks only take 2-3 minutes to complete and earns you like 0.1-$1.0.

make money online from Amazon Mechanical Turk

Benefits of Using Mechanical Turk:

This program is very simple and easy to use. The tasks are available all the time. You can work from home at any time you like. I suggest you to set your daily goal to make money from this method. Your initial goal should be to make $5/day from this website. It should take around 30-60 minutes to earn $5.

Disadvantages of Using Mechanical Turk:

  • For some people this can be very boring work.
  • You can call it donkeywork.
  • You need to complete your tasks within specified period of time Or you will not be paid.
  • You cannot earn a handsome amount from this method.

Earning Potential:

According to my experience you can earn $5 within 1 hour. By spending 3 hours daily, you can expect $10-$15. If you want to earn good money, then I suggest you not to pick very low priced tasks like $0.1. By taking tasks worth of at least $0.5, you can earn $5 by doing only 10 tasks daily. Your rating will be increased after you have done some tasks. This will help you to find more tasks with better prices.

I only recommend this method to people who have lots of free time. You can only earn few bucks per day from this method. If you are using this method then you must look for other ways to make money online to increase your daily revenue.

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