Make Money Online By Doing Data Entry Work

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The most easiest way to earn money online from the comfort of your home is through data entry work. To do this work you don’t need any technical skill. The only requirement is usually to work in MS Word or MS Excel. You are usually paid hourly. You can fix your per hour rate like $5 or $10/hour and people will pay you accordingly. Usually workers with fast speed and low per hour rate get more projects because there is very high competition in this field.

earn money from data entry work


Checkout following websites to find the data entry related tasks.

All of these websites are free to join and there are many open project about data entry, all time. You need to find and post your bid on all open projects. To increase the chances of getting more projects, make your profile page really impressive, mention your working speed, experience and links of your previous projects. Workers who get good ratings and reviews from clients usually get more projects at better prices.

How to Start Finding and Doing Data Entry Work?

You should join all above websites for free. On these website many projects of data entry are open for bidding. You should read the open jobs, understand the buyer’s requirements and place your best bid. Always make sure that you have a good portfolio on each website that describes your education and skills. You must be good in typing and doing work in MS Word and MS Excel.

There are many types of data entry work like:

  • Writing down all the text that you see on images.
  • Captcha verification work
  • Visiting different websites; finding specific information and typing in MS Excel in correct format.

Earning Potential in Doing Data Entry Work:

You are usually paid depending upon the load of work. Some people prefer paying a specific amount for their project. While others like to pay hourly according to the estimated time required completing the work. Normally you can expect $5-$10/hour work.

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