New iPhone 5 – The Lightest iPhone Ever

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Are you among millions of iPhone fans the world over who are looking forward to getting their hands on the new iPhone 5? Well, you’re really in for a surprise. Comparing the phone with HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3 it is much more delicate and the lightest iPhone ever created. Weighing just about 112g, if it is not the slimmest phone out there it does feel much thinner than its predecessors.

As far as its feature set is concerned, it comes with a four-inch screen measuring diagonally, which means it is much taller and you might have to make an extra effort to reach for the top buttons. The larger screen combined with the new technology called “Retina Display”, viewing photos and videos is much more enjoyable and easy on the eyes. But of course it is still not comparable to the quality that is characteristic of iPad. Another advantage of the bigger screen is that you are able to see five rows of apps on the home screen.

iPhone 5 The Lightest Phone
New iPhone 5 is lightest phone ever with improved retina display and many other features. See Details…

For those who are used to having the headphone socket on top of the device might be a bit disappointed to find it at the bottom in the new iPhone 5. But those who keep their cell phone in their pocket consider it an advantage. The sound system has positively been improved with better sound quality, the new headphones (EarPods), and an enhanced mic.

If you want to share photos easily and quickly with your friends and family, the new iPhone 5 comes with a beautiful photo-sharing feature that allows you to send photos to people who have Apple devices running an iOS 6. The popular app Google Maps has been replaced with Apple’s own mapping system. This new feature offers many advantages over the old technology including 3D renderings, turn-by-turn narrated directions, and aerial views. For some people, Google Maps is still superior with color-coded roads but who knows Apple might come up with an even better system in its next release.

It offers another attractive feature in the form of panoramic images. Just set the camera mode to panorama and you will be able to fuse together multiple images creating a landscape view. The front camera has also been improved offering better quality video calls using FaceTime.

Other features that are characteristic of the iOS 6 include Passbook, Do Not Disturb, VIP Mailboxes, and Facebook integration – just to mention a few. Heading on to the performance part, the new iPhone 5 has definitely been given a boost when it comes to quickly loading the apps or processing images and videos. Seemingly, the battery life has not increased much but considering all the new feature set, which might need more battery, this is again a plus offered by the new iPhone 5.

Apple now has a lot of competitors out there considering the new Android smartphones and devices that come with Windows Phone 8. In a short span of time these devices have made huge progress in terms of new technology and utility. Although the new iPhone 5 is still more expensive than any of its rivals, people are turning their attention towards devices that offer both versatility and charisma. But if you are a die-hard iPhone fan, this new set is definitely going to impress you!

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