Why Most People Fail to Earn Money Online?

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I have been doing online work as freelancer for last 8 years. During first 4 years I used to work for other people only. Main areas of my freelancing work were designing, SEO and content writing. I still do freelancing work although my main focus is not on it, anymore. After doing 4 years work as a freelancer coder, developer, designer and content writer I decided to create websites and content to earn money for myself.

Now after 4 years, I am really happy and time has proved that my decision was right. Now, I have more freedom and can decide when and what to do or not. Most of my earnings are from my own websites and kindle books. Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate program are my main sources of income.

In the beginning I created a website for Amazon, added few pages of content, created links and did some onsite SEO to attract traffic from Google search. The first two months were really depressing as I was not able to sell anything. I had almost decided to quit. But one lucky day, when I logged into my Amazon Associates account, I noticed that I had got a sale. I think I had earned $0.5 or less from a sale.

But that single sale made me so happy and encouraging that I decided not to quit. I started adding more content on the website, interlinked my posts and did all stuff that I knew at that time. The results were very good.

I found that key point to earn more money from Amazon Associates program was to add more and more helpful reviews about different products. I created the list of items that were selling again and again through my affiliate links. Then I searched more products that were in the same niche and similar to those top selling items and wrote more useful reviews.

The results were amazing. Now my mini affiliate niche website was getting around 50 search engine visitors and 2-3 items were selling per day, on average. I was earning like $1-$2 per day because I was promoting low cost products on my website.

I kept on adding more content and within few weeks my daily website traffic was 100+ visitors. I was easily earning $5-$10/day on average. On one lucky day I earned $75 because one customer had purchased an expensive diamond ring through my affiliate link ๐Ÿ™‚

After the success of my first Amazon website, I never looked back. I kept on creating more small websites. Some websites were a complete failure while some were not doing good. But on average, I was getting $5-$10 from a single Amazon Affiliates Website.

The Number One Reason Why Most People Quit Working As Amazon Associated to Earn Money Online?

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The purpose of writing my own story was to encourage the people who are new in this field. I know how frustrating are the days when you do hard work, invest money in content and website creation and see no money is earned. Most of the people quit at this stage. If you are one of these people, then I Advise you not to lose hope and keep on doing work.

1) Don’t stop adding more content on your website.

2) Make sure that you are adding long reviews with useful content and without fluff and waffle.

3) Add affiliate links in every post many times, 5-7 times or more.

4) All product images must also be linked to amazon products through your affiliate link.

5) Interlink all of your posts, when possible.

6) Log into your Amazon Account every day and check what links are clicked and what products are selling.

7) Don’t stop doing all this work till you have added 100 long, useful, unique and interesting product reviews on your website. Your first goal should be to add 50 reviews. After that look at traffic stats and note what posts are attracting more traffic. Based on these observations, create more reviews about similar products.

You should not decide about failure or success of any website without doing all these 7 things. But if your first website is a failure, don’t lose hope and try again with another website around a different topic or niche.

I hope this post was useful and encouraging for those who had just started making websites to earn money as Amazon Affiliates.

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6 thoughts on “Why Most People Fail to Earn Money Online?

  1. Hello Imran,
    thank you for your email because your timing was perfect. I bought and read your book about becoming an Amazon Affiliate and I gave a positive review. But my site results have been very disappointing because I have had very little traffic and no sales for 6 weeks. But after reading this post of your’s I see that it is normal. I was about to quit but now I’ll keep going and waiting for my first sale. Please take a moment, if you will, and look at the site I listed and let me know what you think. Thank you and thank you for your timely post.


    1. Hi kent,
      Thank you for your comment. Earning money from Amazon as affiliate is a reliable way to earn money. Thousands of people like you are already earning from this method. If they can do why not we. Just learn from mistakes and experience and you may earn great money from this or your future websites.

      I have seen your website. It looks good. I think you should do following things to improve it.

      1) Your website name and website title is same. This is called exact match domain. I had explained this in my book. You should change your title so it is not exactly same as website name.

      2) You home page is very heavy. I think you should only display excerpts of post with their features images on home page, instead of full posts.

      3) All of your amazon affiliate links are going to cart pages on amazon.com. This is good as product is added to customer’s cart and you may earn money even they decide to buy even after few weeks. But I think this is not a good for conversion. You should send people to products detail pages so that they read more details, description, customer reviews and other features before they decide to buy. This will increase your conversion rate. Currently it looks that you are forcing people to buy product and not allowing them to read more about products before they buy ๐Ÿ™‚

      4) Don’t copy exact text from amazon to write product description. Use your own words so that your content on website is 100% unique. Currently you are taking product features text from amazon and copying as it is. Example http://www.espresso-machine-review.com/hybrids-manual-models/top-5-selling-espresso-makers-in-the-u-s-a-today/ see features section.

      5) You should create text links within your post too that should your reader to product detail page. Currently you are only linking images and showing Amazon buttons. Please note that text links within post have highest conversion rate and you are missing that part.

      6) Try to make your post longer and more comprehensive and detailed where needed.

      7) Try to make title of each review more detailed. Longer title works better.

      8) Use related posts plugin.

      9) Do your keywords research and add more product reviews. You must add at least 50 good reviews to earn some traffic and money.

      Keep doing all and wait for your first sale. And when you get your first please do inform me.

      Thank you,

  2. Hello Imran,
    thank you for the time that you took both to look at my site and reply with such detail. I will be busy in the coming days implementing the changes. Thank you again for all of your time.

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I read your Kindle eBook and overall found it interesting and helpful. My blog is three months old but I just joined the Amazon Associates program just shy of four weeks ago. The week before last I actually had two separate orders made through my affiliate link for a total of four items. This really encouraged and excited me.

    However, in the past 12 days the traffic from Google on my blog has decrease by approximately 50-66%, which does worry me. I have been told though to be patient and that fluctuations in traffic from Google are normal for the first six months that you are blogging. Really hoping that this is correct. Would love to make more sales with the Amazon Associates program.

    Thank you for your excellent book and I look forward to reading more posts on your blog.

    1. Hi Christopher,

      Please make sure that all of your Amazon Affiliate Links are “NoFollow”. Otherwise your website link juice, authority and ranking may be affected.

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