Can You Really Earn Serious Money From PTC Websites By Viewing Ads?

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There are tons of ways to make money online. But most of these ways are not so easy for every one, especially for those who do not have any technical skills. Some people think that the easiest way to make money online is by working with PTC sites. On these websites you are paid for viewing Advertisements for some seconds. In this post I will discuss that whether you should join these websites to earn money or not.

how to make money from PTC websites

Most of the PTC Websites are Scam

I have spent many days to review most of the top PTC websites and studied their ways of working. What I have learned is explained below in simple points:

  1. Most of the PTC websites are scam websites and they are made with the intention to scam the innocent people.
  2. Most of the PTC websites stay online for few months or 1 year, earn lots of money and then disappear without any notice. They again reappear with different names and start scamming innocent people again.
  3. Most of the PTC websites pay to their members in beginning to build trust and good online reputation. As a result huge number of people join their websites. When they have collected enough revenue, they stop paying and disappear.
  4. You cannot make enough money from PTC websites just by viewing their daily ads. If you view all of given ads you can hardly make $0.5 to $1 per month. It means $6-$12 per year from one website.
  5. All of PTC websites are free to join but they offer paid memberships if you want to earn more. They usually charge $20-$800 per year for their upgraded memberships. They claim that you “can” earn up to $500-$1000 per month by becoming golden or platinum members. These PTC websites earn serious money from these types of membership plans. Suppose if they are charging $50 per year for their golden membership and 1000 people have got this membership, then they have already made $50,000. Even if they can make half of this money, it is enough for them. Usually they will pay about $1000, or lesser, to their members and then suddenly you cannot access their website. Yes, they are gone and will reappear with another website to “help you earn money” 🙂

Are All PTC Websites Scam?

According to my knowledge and research most of them are scam websites. Some of them Are legit and pay to their members but they cannot pay you serious money and you should not join them. I would not recommend you to join a website that takes your 30 hours and pays you $0.3 in a month.

Are Their Any Recommended PTC Websites?

After doing all the research and testing, I have concluded that currently only 2 websites are legit and they have potential to make some good money for you. These websites are:



I will write detailed reviews about these websites in next posts. Stay tuned!

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