Earn Money Online From Amazon Affiliate Program

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In this method you need to make a website and promote the Amazon products on your website. You will get paid when people will buy Amazon products through your affiliate links:

Website: http://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/apply/main.html

Kindle Book about making money from amazon associates program

How to Do?

You can earn money from Amazon affiliate program by putting links of Amazon products on your website.

  • Select a topic that interests you like luxury watches.
  • Write 100 reviews on different topics related to luxury watches.
  • Create your website using Wordpres CMS.
  • Post all 100 reviews on your website.
  • Attach your website with Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics.
  • Install WP plugins for better SEO like All in one SEO, XML-Sitemaps, YARPP etc.
  • Apply for Amazon affiliate program using above-mentioned link.
  • Browse Amazon and find products that are related to your website content.
  • Get the Affiliate links for these related products and embed within the content of your website.
  • Promote your website on facebook, twitter, youtube, forums and blogs to attract targeted visitors.
  • When people will visit your website and buy Amazon products through your affiliate links, you will be paid affiliate commissions.

Earning Potential:

This is my favorite method that earns me good amount of money every month. You can earn 4%-8.5% commission from each sale. I recommend you to make many small Amazon affiliate websites to earn more money. I suggest you to make 100 pages website on each topic and promote it using social media and SEO. This type of small website can easily earn you $10-$20/day. I have myself made many of these websites to earn good money online. If you need help, then you can ask me.

Further Reading:

To get step-by-step instructions to make money online from this method, I have written a kindle book about Amazon Affiliate program. You can read it and start earning money from this method.

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2 thoughts on “Earn Money Online From Amazon Affiliate Program

  1. I learned a few details which I didn’t understand the Amazon Associates program, for example about the fee for his or her checks. I have some amount accumulated to date with Amazon, however, haven’t requested a check nonetheless. As I understand bank transfer for EU subject will not work. So I guess you’ll have additional this within the cons.

    Cannot understand that Amazon still uses this 19th-century check system for the affiliate program. Is there any indication they are planning to abandon it? many thanks.

    1. Amazon.com (USA) offers Check and Direct Deposit option. For Direct deposit you must have a USA Bank account. If you don’t have a USA bank account then use Payoneer.com’s free service. They will give your free USA bank account and a great Master Debit card.

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