14 Easy Ways to Make Money Online For Free and Fast

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If you are looking for easy ways to make money online for free and fast, then you are at the right page. I am doing online work for the last 7+ years and have tried many ways to make passive income online. In this guide I am going to share with you some legit, quick, fast and easy ways that I have used myself to earn great revenue online.

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Mark Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money Online and Start Working on Them

I recommend you to read all these 14 ways to make money online from home in detail. After thorough reading mark the methods that you can start working on right now. You should not waste your time and should start working on these quick, easy and free methods to generate some extra cash for you. In the start you may not be doing well but with the passage of time you will be successful. Before starting you must read my article about why most people fail to make money online.

14 Easy Ways to Make Money Online for Free

Mark Free Money Making Methods That Require Some Expertise – Medium Term Goal

You should also mark the methods that you are interested in but need more information or some technical skill. You should consider these methods as medium term goals for your online career. For example, after reading this guide you may become interested in earning money from Amazon Associate program. But for this you need how to create a website, produce content and do proper SEO for your website. I have mentioned all resources that you need to meet your goals. You just need to get hands on those resources and start learning them. You will be surprised to know that within one month you will be having your own website with great content.

List of 14 Easy Ways to Make Money Online for Free and Fast

Now let’s start discussing the top recommended methods for starting your online career.

1- Earn Easy Money Online By Doing Data Entry Work:

The most searched online jobs are data entry jobs because they are the most easiest jobs that require very little expertise. To become a good data entry operator and earn handsome money, your typing speed and accuracy must be very good. Many companies pay the data entry operators on hourly basis. That’s why they prefer to hire the person with fastest speed and maximum accuracy. They would not choose an online data entry operator who types slower and produce errors.

earn money from data entry workThat’s why I recommend you to refine your data entry skill before applying for online data entry jobs. Install some good typing software on your computer and improve your typing speed and efficiency. Once you have the right skills, go head and start hunting the jobs that match your expertise.

There are different rates of data entry work. Normal range is $3-$10/hour. Of course, you will be getting good rate if your speed and accuracy is higher.

Resources to Find Online Data Entry Jobs to Make Easy Money Online:

Here are my top recommended websites from where you can get data entry work easily:

Further Reading: For More details Read Make Money Online By Doing Data Entry Work.

2- Become a Website Tester to Earn Quick Easy Money Online:

Finding bugs, errors and recommending features or design changes in websites and mobile applications is not a difficult job. You can earn a handsome amount of money by doing these fun testing jobs. There are many big and medium sized companies and retailers who are making their websites and mobile applications to increase their online sales. Before launching their final website versions they take time to test their applications and websites. For proper testing they need people like you and me.

test websites and applications to make money

You just need to visit their websites and find the bugs or errors and broken links etc. You may be asked to test a feature and tell them about your experience while using the feature. You may be asked to fill a questionnaire about using their App or website. Companies collect this data from all testers around the globe and use it to improve their online properties. You can earn anything between $2-$20 or even more by testing a single website or mobile application. On average you can easily earn $15-$20/day if are doing testing jobs regularly.

Resources to Find Online Tester Jobs to Make Quick Free Money:

My top recommended websites to start your tester work are:

Further Reading: For more details, resources and information about testing jobs read this article: Website Testing Jobs to Make Money.

3- Easy Method to Earn Money By Doing Transcription Work From Home:

If you can listen, understand and write English properly then you should try to do transcription work to make some extra bucks online. There are many companies who need audio files of different lengths to be converted into correct text files. Audio files may be some lectures related to medical or other field. If audio is about medical field, then it is called medical transcription work. To become a medical transcription expert you need to know common medical terms and short cuts.

make money from home doing transcription work

Not all audio files are medical related. In fact most of the audio files are of short duration with simple easy English. If you cannot understand some phrase you can always rewind or make it slower. Earning potential is quite good and usually you can get around $20/hour for doing transcription work online.

Resources to Find Transcription Work To Earn Free Money Online:

My top recommended resources to start this work is:


Further Reading: For more details and further reading visit Join Transcribeme and Convert Audio Files into Text Files to earn money.

4- Participate in Forums to Make Quick Easy and Free Money Online:

There are many websites who hire people and pay them for posting related, informative and good posts on different online forums. This is really quick and fun way to earn some extra cash in your spare time. You can choose the forums of your own choice. For example you can choose the forums that are about gardening because you have knowledge and experience about this field.

how to earn money from forum posting on PostLoop

Earning potential is good as you can $5-$10 per hour if your posts are interesting and of high quality. Please note that you cannot become successful in this field if you are going to write crappy and fluffy content just for the sake of writing ‘something’. Take your time to read all instructions and guidelines before starting this work. Doing it in a right way will give you good financial benefits.

Resources to Find Forum Posting Jobs That Really Pay to Users:

Join following website to start working as forum poster to earn quick and free bucks right now:


Further Reading: For more details and instructions read Join PostLoop to Make Money By Doing Forum Postings.

5- Make Money Online Easy Way By Doing Paid Surveys:

One of the classic and old methods to make easy money online is by doing paid surveys. Unfortunately this field is now filled with scammers and spammers who pay nothing to their users. But still there are some legit websites who are paying to their users for the last many years and are really trustworthy. Many vendors and producers require honest reviews of general public about their products and services to improve their quality and sales. For this purpose they hire survey companies and pay them for each complete and ‘real’ review. You can join these survey companies to participate in these surveys and get your cut.

Earning potential in this method is good if you can get good number of surveys every week. To get enough surveys and money you need to join multiple survey websites. To increase your earnings you can join their affiliate programs and earn free money when your affiliates make money by doing their surveys. You can easily make around $50/month from each survey website you join if you take and complete all given surveys and have good number of active affiliates under you.

Legit Websites and Resources to Get Paid By Doing Surveys:

Following is the list of companies and websites who are paying to their users for last many years and they are really trustworthy:

Further Reading: For complete details and more tips to earn free easy money from surveys read How to Generate Extra Revenue By Doing Surveys Online?

6- Earn Revenue By Doing Virtual Assistant Job From Your Home:

If you have a fast computer, fast internet and a phone then you can do online job of becoming a virtual assistant. You need to have good communication, research and problem solving skills to do this job. The virtual assistant’s job is a full day job but you can do it from the comfort of your home. You will be getting high salary depending upon the type of work and organization you join.

Zirtual Assistant to make money online

Good organizations usually pay $15-$20 per hour depending upon the nature of work.

A Great Resource to Become Online Virtual Assistant to Earn Good Money:

Checkout this website https://www.zirtual.com/. Join for free and earn handsome money per hour by doing simple tasks for your boss like replying to emails, reserving her seat, researching some topic online or booking some room in a hotel etc.

Further Reading: For full details read Become A Zirtual Assistant to Earn Online.

7- Use Your Smartphone and Sell Your Photos To Make Easy Money:

If you have a smartphone and love to take pictures then you can make some extra cash from this hobby. If you travel a lot, then you may come across many different scenes, situations and persons that are simply beautiful or funny. Just capture the moments you love and share them on websites where people are eagerly looking for good picture and are willing to pay money for them.

Make Money From Fotolia By Selling Your Photos

On some websites you can get $5 per sold picture while on some others you will get a share (say 30%-50%) on each sale. Please note that each of your pictures can be sold to multiple buyers unless someone needs the exclusive rights for that image and willing to pay bigger money (like $100-$200). To earn more money you should join multiple websites and add your great pictures regularly. After some time, you will be having a great stock of photos on these websites and some of them will start selling giving you easy and absolutely free money every day.

Useful and Legit Websites Where You Can Sell Your Digital Photos For Free Money:

There are many websites out there but I personally like following websites:

http://clashot.com/: Earn $0.5 to $80 per photo sold. iOS and Android Apps are available making it simple to shoot and upload your photos on this website.

http://us.fotolia.com/: Open free account, upload your photos and earn 30% revenue from each picture sold. Checkout my article about Join fotolia to Make Money Using Your Smartphone.

http://foap.com/: Install their iOS or Android Application on your smartphone, capture great scenes, animals, cute kids and beautiful flowers etc, upload on their website and earn $4 every time your picture is purchased. Don’t forget to add detailed description and multiple keywords with each image uploaded to get maximum exposure and sales.

http://shutterstock.com/: A very well known and old website where you can sell your digital photos.

8- Do Small Tasks to Make Fast Money Online Everyday:

There are many websites who pay to their users for doing small tasks. Examples of these tasks may include researching on internet, converting images into text files, data entry work, copying data from one source to another, arranging data in a specific format, writing a short product review etc.

The price of these tasks may range between $0.1 to $10 depending upon the time required to complete the task. Although it is a boring work for many people but in this method you can quickly start earning some bucks from day-one. According to my experience if you spend 4-5 hours daily then you can make $15-$20/day from these sites by doing small tasks.

Good Resources Where You Can Do Small Task To Earn Money:

Amazon Mechanical Turk: Join for free, browse all available small tasks with prices, do the tasks that you like and get paid instantly. Amazon is a trustworthy website and pay to their users honestly. Read More Details Here.

Rapid Workers: A site where you can do micro jobs to earn quick cash. You will be paid to your Paypal account instantly when your account reaches $4.

SamaSource: This is a non-profit organization that hires women and poor around the globe who have less than $3/day wage. They train them to do small micro tasks. After training is complete they offer them micro tasks and pay for each task completed.

Micro Workers: You can join this website for free and instantly start your work by working on thousands of available small/micro tasks. Most of the tasks available here are related to promotion of websites, apps and social pages etc. Examples of tasks are liking a facebook page, writing a review on some website, uploading a YouTube video, creating free email accounts etc.

Some more legit micro tasks websites are:

9- Earn Extra Money Online By Doing Translation Work From Your Home:

If you are a bilingual and can understand and translate then take advantage of your skill to earn extra cash while staying at your home. There are millions of translation projects available online on different websites. Just pick your pair of languages like German/English, French/English, Arabic/French, Arabic/English etc and start picking open projects.

earn money online as a traslator
Make Real Money Online As a Translator from Your Home

Translators are usually paid depending upon number of words. For example you may get $10-$100 for translating 1000 words. Payouts are greater for more skilled translators. Try to join multiple websites for more exposure and more projects.

Resources to Find Translation Projects Online:

Try following websites to join free and find translation projects:




Further Reading: Read Become A Translator to Make Money Online.

10- You Can Do Currency Trading While Staying At Your Home to Make Money Online:

The concept of currency/Forex trading is quite simple. First of all you need to choose your currency pair like USD/Euro. You can buy certain amount of a currency and later sell it when its rate increases. Suppose you bought 100 USD when 1 USD was equal to 0.9 Euros. Say after few hours 1 USD was equal to 1 Euro. As price is increased you decided to sell your 100 USDs and earned 10 Euros profit. For more details visit Forex Trading to Make Extra Revenue Online.





11- Post Sponsored Tweets on Your Twitter Account to Earn Free Quick Money:

If you have a twitter account in a specific niche with good numbers of real active followers then you can post sponsored tweets on your account to earn advertisement revenue. I suggest that you should only try this option when you have at least 1000 active followers on twitter. Try to stick to one specific niche/topic and follow the popular persons in your field. Post tweets regularly and use hash tags feature in a smart way to get maximum exposure. Also attach interesting images and videos with your tweets to get better response from your followers.

Advertising companies usually pay $1-$5 per sponsored tweet if you have at least 1000 active followers. Price increases if loyalty and numbers of followers increases. Price also depends on the category/topic/niche. If you have 10,000 active followers then you can expect $10-$50 per sponsored tweet.

Resources to Get Sponsored Tweets At Higher Rates:


Further Reading: For more details read Sponsored tweets to earn money.

12- Earn Money By Publishing Short Videos Using Your Smart Phone:

Everyone loves to capture the lovely moments by making short videos using their smartphones. But not every person knows that they can also earn decent money from these videos. Short, interesting and beautiful videos convert better as compared to long and boring lectures.

Video sharing websites pay their users when they upload videos and people start viewing those videos. Ads are displayed when your videos are played and you earn money from Ads views. To earn more money your videos should produce more views. Trick is to join more than one website and publish many short videos. People love to watch videos about kids, animals, entertainment and related stuff.

Useful Resources to  Earn Money From Video Sharing Websites:

Dailymotion: You will earn 70% Ads revenue from your videos. Read more details.

Youtube.com: Join as publisher for free, share your videos to earn money. See More Details Here.

13- Make Money From Your Website:

One of the best, reliable and effective ways to make passive income online is by creating your own website. There are following steps required to make a good website:

  • Think about a topic that interests you. Check keywords on Google Keywords Planner tool and confirm that there are enough people looking for the topic. Make a list of 100 good keywords related to your keyword. You should also use Wordtracker Keywords Tool to find more long tail keywords about your topic. Make a good big list of keywords.
  • Buy a domain name from godaddy.
  • Buy a hosting account from hostgator. Use coupon code “30percent” to get 30% discount on your first order.
  • Make your website using WordPress. See how to make website in 10 minutes.
  • Write unique, interesting and useful content on your selected keywords.

Once your website has enough content and regular website visitors, it is time to monetize your website to earn revenue. There are many options to monetize your website including:

Google Adsense: Join for free and instantly place Google Ads to earn quick and free revenue. Learn how to make $1000/month from Google Adsense.

Amazon Affiliate Program: Join Amazon Associate program for free, mention related products within your content and earn revenue when people buy products using your affiliate links. Checkout my book for step by step guide to make money from Amazon Affiliate program.

Info Links: An advertisement company that offer many Ads formats to monetize your content. Read more about Infolinks Advertisement.

Chitika Ads: Another Ad network just like Adsense. Payouts are quite lesser as compared to Adsense.

Buy Sell Ads: Join https://www.buysellads.com/ and display different Ads on your website. You will be paid a fixed amount of money per month for each Ad. Commission depends the number of targeted visitors your website is getting per month.

Offer Your Own Services: You can also promote your services on your website to earn money online. For example you can offer content writing services, designing services, coding, website development, SEO and other services on your website.

Sell Your Own Products on Your Website: You can also make and sell your own products on your website. A simple way is to write and sell your own e-book. Other examples of products include software, mobile applications, video lectures etc.

14- Join Amazon Kindle Publishing Program:

You can join Amazon Kindle program for free as an author and publish short informative books about the topics that are in demand. You can get 35% revenue when your books’ price is less than $2.99 and earn 70% revenue when your books’ price is $2.99 or higher. Publish multiple books to increase your revenue.

If you cannot write yourself, then hire some professional writer to create a short book. Before creating a book you must do proper research to find a topic that is in high demand. Suppose you have 10 Kindle books with selling price of $2.99. If 1 copy of each book is sold every day then you will be earning $20/day or $600/mo.


I have written a detailed book about Amazon Kindle program where you can learn each step of making money from this method. Checkout step by step guide to make money by publishing Kindle books.


In above lines I have outlined 14 free and fast easy ways to make money online that are legit and free to join. You can start from any method you like. I suggest you to begin from easy methods and slowly learn other methods that require certain skills. For example you don’t need any high level expertise to sell photos and videos using your smartphone. On the other hand to make money from your website you need to know how to find good keywords, create website, write content and properly monetize your website.


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